“Be careful what you teach. It may interfere with what they are learning”

                              By: Magda Gerber


I grew up in Concord, one of seven children. Though my father taught high school and my mother was a nurse, I spent most of my time at home in my immediate neighborhood. Extended family, friends and neighbors cared for each other. Much of our time was spent outside, often being allowed to roam and explore open fields. It seemed a simple time.

Times may have changed. Many extended families have moved apart. Neighbors come and go. Most households depend on dual incomes. Often it seems lives are very busy. Even neighborhood schools seem distant. But the needs of children remain so very similar.

Children still need time to be children. They need time to explore the world and each other, time to imagine and pretend. They need time to play!  After spending nearly 40 years in this field, studying, learning and practicing, in 1999 I began Building Blocks with that in mind. I wanted to create a safe and nurturing environment in a home like atmosphere. An environment that respects and supports children. A place where children are allowed to be children.

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